ESG Policy

Xperi Inc. (“Xperi”) operates a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which sets out the core values and beliefs of Xperi and provides the basis for all business conduct. Our guidelines for conducting Xperi’s business are consistent with the highest standards of business ethics (please see: for more details). Additionally Xperi remains focused on responsible business conduct related to environmental and social impact, and the manner in which it manages its business. These factors are known as ESG factors and this statement focuses on Xperi’s commitment to sustainability, its impact on the environment and society and ethical and corporate governance considerations.


As part of our culture, core values and beliefs, Xperi is committed to providing an environment that empowers our employees and enables them to enjoy a healthy and productive work-life balance for themselves, their families and our community. This commitment extends to Xperi’s efforts to help protect the environment and minimize our impact on the environment to the extent practicable.

Xperi is committed to compliance with environmental laws. In terms of environmental matters, we highlight the following efforts:

  • Xperi looks to practice pollution prevention and resource reduction, for example, by purchasing recycled and compostable resources/supplies.
  • Xperi employees are encouraged to use pollution minimizing transportation alternatives when possible, including carpooling and telecommuting.
  • Where relevant (such as at Invensas Labs at the San Jose office), Xperi has in place policies and procedures to ensure safe handling, movement, storage, use, recycling, or reuse and disposal of hazardous substances.
  • Xperi promotes a sustainable environment at its offices, for example:
    • the availability of electric car charging stations for employee use at our facilities at Calabasas and San Jose;
    • encouraging recycling efforts for solid waste and having a systematic approach to its reduction and disposal;
    • volatile air emissions generated by operations, such as the use of the Calabasas office back-up generator, are routinely monitored and controlled in accordance with Air Quality Management requirements; and
    • water usage is monitored and managed for each office with water conservation efforts in mind.
  • Xperi has made minimizing energy consumption a priority, including: implementing at the Calabasas office the California State HVAC Energy Optimization Program, development and optimization of lighting and HVAC schedules where possible, and replacement of lighting with LED alternatives or outfitting new premises with LED lighting.
  • We occupy a total of 7 buildings with LEED Certification.

Xperi looks for opportunities and areas where it can continue to improve its environmental and health and safety performance. For example, Xperi will consider include choosing LEED certified buildings as the company grows, pursuing additional energy conservation efforts, and implementing waste management alternatives (such as organic recycling and commercial composting where available).


Inclusion, diversity and equality are important considerations for Xperi. Xperi consistently looks at the impact it has on its employees, local communities and society.

Xperi is committed to and complies with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct. The EICC Code of Conduct’s five central tenets (labor, health and safety, environment, management system and ethics) are consistent with the policies outlined above. Further details of the EICC Code of Conduct can be found at: code.shtml.

In terms of health and safety matters, we would highlight the following efforts:

  • Xperi ensures that all employees have appropriate safety training and that any safety hazards are monitored and appropriate policies and procedures maintained and updated.
  • Each of Xperi’s offices has emergency preparedness procedures tailored to its environment and emergency training and drills are provided regularly.
  • Heavy machinery at applicable facilities is inspected regularly per vendor maintenance programs for safe and optimal operation.
  • Xperi ensures that its facilities have a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for its employees.


On governance matters, Xperi is committed to an environment where open and honest communications are the expectation, not the exception. To further this goal, the Board of Directors has adopted a number of policies concerning governance, compensation and whistleblowing. These can be found at:

Amendments and More Information

Xperi regularly revisits and updates our ESG statement to ensure it evolves with changes in industry demands and regulations. For more information on Xperi's commitment to ESG, please email