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Xperi Research Shows Continued Consumer Trust Issues Regarding Self-Driving Car Technology

January 05, 2022

2022 Vehicle Predictions report reveals significant challenges to autonomous vehicle adoption today, but also a future in which consumers predict these vehicles will be commonplace

DTS®, a global leader in developing extraordinary next-generation audio, imaging and sensing technology and a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: XPER) (“Xperi”), shared today its 2022 Vehicle Predictions report which confirms that consumers are concerned about the safety of autonomous vehicles. The report, based on a survey of nearly 2,000 car owners/lessees, offers a snapshot of consumers’ view of the future of vehicles, with both areas of concern as well as hopeful signs for manufacturers of self-driving vehicles.

The report also includes consumer predictions that underscore the growing trend of the vehicle as a ‘third place’ outside work and home, the ascendance of the Electronic Vehicle (EV) and a future that includes flying cars.

Top Takeaways:

  • There is a difference between interest in and distrust of self-driving cars

More than one-third (38%) of consumers are currently interested in owning a self-driving car and 80% believe that safe, fully automated, self-driving cars will eventually be commonplace. While distrust of self-driving technology is high today at 69%, 30% of respondents believe self-driving vehicles will become commonplace in the next five years.

  • Trust in self-driving cars is directly related to safety

Just over forty percent of consumers believe self-driving will eventually be the safest way to travel, although 57% say a computer will never drive a vehicle as safely as a human can.

Even when it comes to limited self-driving technologies, such as driver assistance, partial driving automation and conditional driving automation, consumers remain wary, with considerably less than half saying that they find any of these features appealing.

  • A rapid dominance of electric vehicles in the future

Consumers are anticipating a relatively rapid dominance of EVs in the future: 34% predict that more EVs will be sold than gasoline powered vehicles within the next five years, and 85% believe it is inevitable that EVs will take over the roads in the future.

  • The car is becoming a ‘place of refuge’ or a third space outside of home and work

Consumers appear to be looking at vehicles of the future as much more than just transportation, with nearly fifty percent agreeing that today they view their car as a place of refuge away from the pressures of home and work, while 71% see a future where the car becomes an extension of their office or living room - a place to work, play and relax. They also predict that vehicles will soon recognize the vehicle’s driver and automatically adjust for that driver’s preferences.

  • A future with flying cars seems possible to many

Perhaps the most interesting prediction from the survey respondents is of a future where vehicles will fly – over one third predict that flying cars will become commonplace within ten years.

“While the majority of consumers surveyed are unconvinced by self-driving technologies currently on the market, particularly when it comes to safety, they are acknowledging that autonomous vehicles are inevitable,” said Jeff Jury, Xperi SVP and general manager, Connected Car. “But, with nearly 40% saying they will never use a self-driving vehicle, building trust in autonomous vehicle safety signals a clear mandate for automakers. Many car owners expressed a wish that they could make better use of all the time they have to spend in their vehicles, which aligns with a future of self-driving vehicles, as well as a vision of the car as a third place. We believe that vehicle sensing technologies have a major role to play in fulfilling that vision of an enhanced and safe in-cabin experience. Automakers who are worried about consumers’ lack of faith in autonomous vehicles can perhaps take some comfort in their futurism, as demonstrated by how many expect that someday they might take flight in their personal car,” concluded Jury. “Clearly, the sky is no longer the limit for consumers’ view of the vehicle’s future!”

About the survey

The 2022 Vehicle Predictions Survey was fielded by a third-party in Oct. 2021 across an online panel of 1,969 car owning or leasing adults across the US. Click here to access the report.

Xperi’s automotive technologies are designed to improve the in-vehicle experience and include DTS AutoSense™, DTS AutoStage™, and HD Radio™ technology. DTS AutoSense comprises occupancy and driver monitoring systems implemented at the edge. DTS AutoStage is built on the largest and deepest data set of broadcast and music metadata and combines over-the-air broadcast with IP-delivered content for a robust, richer, more personalized in-cabin infotainment experience. HD Radio technology, now available in more than 80 million automobiles, is the most successfully deployed commercial digital radio system worldwide.

For a briefing with one of Xperi's automotive experts on the survey and/or for a live demo of Xperi’s driver and occupancy sensing solution, please contact Angela Jacobson at or 714-454-8776.

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