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Xperi Expands its Global Footprint with its Powered by TiVo Media Platform for Smart TVs and Connected Car

January 8, 2024

TiVo signs new smart TV manufacturer and expands BMW relationship

At CES 2024, Xperi Inc. (NYSE: XPER) announces a new OEM for smart TVs Powered by TiVo, an expanded partnership with BMW for DTS AutoStage Video Service Powered by TiVo, and new content partners across the globe for the living room and the car.

Over the past 12 months, Xperi has experienced rapid success with its independent media platforms. TiVo OS for smart TVs and DTS AutoStage Video Service Powered by TiVo for connected cars are focused on delivering an extraordinary entertainment experience in a way that feels more intuitive, immersive and personal.

“We’ve recently narrowed our strategic focus and reiterated our intention to elevate the consumer entertainment experience, whether that be at home or on the go,” said Jon Kirchner, Xperi CEO. “TiVo’s rich history within the industry allows us to take advantage of our extensive media consumption insights, content relationships and machine learning capabilities to develop personalized, enriched and integrated solutions that solve the needs of our partners and end users.”

Smart TVs Powered by TiVo Roll Out Across Europe

Based on decades of experience growing consumer electronics and entertainment ecosystems, the Powered by TiVo model is designed to maximize the lifetime value of customers for TV OEM partners. With the expected growth of connected television (CTV) advertising to reach 36 billion USD by 2026, television OEMs have an opportunity to work with TiVo and participate in monetization throughout the lifecycle of the smart TV.

An honoree of the 2024 CES Innovation Award in the Content and Entertainment category, TiVo OS has solidified its place in the market as being a truly independent media platform that delivers exceptional personalization, voice search and discovery. In the latter half of 2023, Vestel, TiVo’s first OEM partner, began to release smart TVs to market. Beginning in Spring 2024, leading UK retailer Argos is expected to offer Powered by TiVo TVs through their Bush TV brand.

In addition to the first TVs being made available for purchase, TiVo OS now has an agreement in place with an additional OEM, Konka, and its TV brand customers are expected to launch smart TVs Powered by TiVo across Europe. Sharp, which was announced in 2023, is expected to be available throughout the European market as well.

TiVo has delivered on its promise to bring entertainment together, so that consumers can find, watch and enjoy the content they are looking for, and has been partnering with leading content providers such as Bloomberg, DAZN, Pluto TV, Plex, Tubi and Xumo Enterprise, to ensure a quality content first approach.

TiVo OS is a complete, turnkey solution for OEMs looking to roll out a new generation of smart TVs globally, efficiently and cost-effectively – delivering a user experience that drives TV demand and viewership. TiVo offers a first-of-its-kind neutral platform that enables OEMs to own their brand experience and gain significantly more control on how viewers consume content. This approach can build brand affinity and drive TV demand, viewership and retention for content services.

DTS AutoStage Video Service Powered by TiVo Delivers Global Content Adoption

The role of a personal vehicle is evolving, with many consumers now seeking greater innovation, enhanced experiences and personalized features. In a recent consumer survey by Xperi, it was discovered that over two-thirds of those between the ages of 17 and 44 are interested in having video, including live TV and on-demand streaming, as part of their vehicle dashboard/screen entertainment choices. Additionally, this cohort said that having high-quality video capability in the dashboard in a specific vehicle model or brand would make them more likely to purchase that vehicle.

Xperi and BMW Group recently announced the deployment of the DTS AutoStage Video Service Powered by TiVo across various models in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, South Korea and coming soon in Japan. This video service brings an award-winning, content-first experience to the connected car, delivering free premium content across live TV, news, sports, movies and more.

TiVo is collaborating with content partners across the globe to provide relevant and timely media to BMW drivers. Content partners include Bloomberg, CHILI, DW, Gusto TV, Pluto TV, TED, Yahoo and leading regional content companies including Hulu Japan, JOYN, Mediathek, NHK Plus, NTV NEWS NNN, RaiPlay, TF1+, Tubi, TVer, WOWOW, ZDF and many more.

Having a wide array of available content options in the car is crucial to consumers as more than 70% say having an in-vehicle, built-in entertainment experience that automatically personalizes to a consumer’s particular interests is important. Of those respondents, the largest number say it is very important because it means that they ‘don't have to fiddle with controls when they are driving,’ followed by those saying it is important ‘because there is so much content clutter, which makes it hard to find what they are looking for’ and because ‘they are used to having relevant content pushed to them on other digital platforms.’

With DTS AutoStage Video Service Powered by TiVo, consumers can enjoy an elevated in-cabin experience, that redefines in-car entertainment, one personalized recommendation at a time.

Throughout CES 2024, Xperi will be showcasing how Powered by TiVo solutions are revolutionizing the entertainment industry alongside Vestel, Sharp and BMW on the show floor and at Park MGM. If interested, request a demo at

Consumer Survey: “From In-Vehicle Entertainment to Integrated In-Cabin Experience” Report

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